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Offshore Training Still in Demand

Training classes aboard the drilling rig, Mr. Charlie, continues to be important to industry companies. Some companies come aboard with their own instructors and materials. Others come needing the Training Institute to provide everything. Either way, Mr. Charlie and the International Petroleum Training Institute provide the only location where this type of hands-on, real-life orientation training takes place on an authentic offshore drilling rig.

Several industry companies currently utilize the facility and benefit from this unique location. Numerous inquiries are handled weekly concerning the availability of space on the rig and classroom availability. It looks as though 1999 will be a great year for the Training Institute.

The Institute is currently conducting an "Orientation to Offshore" training program for the Louisiana Department of Labor. Students attend a 12 program that prepares them for offshore employment. Upon graduation students have all necessary certifications and documentation to begin offshore employment at the entry level.

The response from local offshore employers has been great. Some companies continue to hire graduates every week. This program is a tremendous way for employers to obtain employees already trained for FREE.

If you are an offshore company needing new employees, don't overlook the opportunity to get trained personnel. You can use the Training Institute as your recruiting, as well as your training, departments. For more information, call the Rig Museum office at (504) 384-3744 or call INFOSAFE at (888) 289-8979.


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