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A Photo History

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The model of Mr. Charlie used to show the design, before construction.
Alexander Shipyard, 1953. Construction begins on the huge barge that will support the drilling platform. The barge is 220 feet long, 75 feet wide and 14 feet deep. Click to see larger image


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The massive submersible barge is constructed on dry land, supported on stacks of wooden blocks.
The giant barge is floated, awaiting the construction of the huge support columns and the drilling platform. Click to see larger image


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Workers at Alexander Shipyard support the massive barge during construction, on stacks of wooden blocks, to enable them to work on the structure from every angle.
Shipyard workers attach a giant pontoon to eiter side of the barge. These pontoons are originally hinged to be raised and lowered with the barge to aid in the stability of the platform. Click to see larger image


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