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Infosafe, Inc.
Infosafe handles the training program aboard the "Mr. Charlie." Visit their website for more information about their services.
Independent Petroleum Association of America
This site addresses the needs of the Independent Petroleum Producers. It includes recent economic reports, industry trends, links to other sites of interest, Y2K compliance information, among many other services. Check out this comprehensive source of industry information.
International Association of Drilling Contractors
Another comprehensive site with membership information, training & accreditation information, safety alerts, statistics and many other documents of interest to industry professionals.
This corporate website includes in-depth information about modern oilfield procedures & details about affiliate companies.
This corporate website contains information about the services of Halliburton & its affiliate companies, including recent financial & economic reports, and press releases.
Pennwell Publishing Company
Very comprehensive source of Information about the Oilfield Industry. This company is one of the leading publishers of industry information, and has current issues of publications online for review, as well as information on industry mailing lists, conferences, exhibitions, etc.
Glossary of Oil Terminology
This WebPages details Oilfield terminology in easy-to-understand language. Ideal for students, media, and those beginning to be interested in the oilfield industry.
Oil & Gas Information Page
This directory includes links to information such as rig counts (both current and historic), Petroleum Stock information, and links to Oil & Gas Companies on the Web. Great resource for investors, researchers, and media.
INTEC Engineering's Links Page
This site, sponsored by INTEC Engineering, includes links to petroleum industry information, global oceanic weather information, and engineering calculators online.
Shows up-to-the-minute oil price information, links to media stories about the petroleum industry & that which affects the industry internationally. Incredible variety of information for both the layperson and the industry professional.
Louisiana Technical College
This website includes information about courses offered by Louisiana Technical College in the oilfield & related industries.
National Ocean Industries Association
NOIA is the only national trade association representing all facets of the domestic offshore petroleum and related industries. NOIA members include producers of crude oil and natural gas, contractors, oilfield service companies, and others with an interest in the process of exploring for and producing hydrocarbon energy resources from the nation's outer continental shelf in an environmentally responsible manner.

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