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International Petroleum Training Institute

The International Petroleum Training Institute is the educational arm of the International Petroleum Museum.  Through this division, the museum is able to offer quality educational and training opportunities to a broad spectrum  of students.

The Institute educates using a variety of methods and resources:

  • Educational Tours
  • Formal In-House Instruction & Classes
  • Educational Agreements with Other Learning Institutions
  • Contracted Classes


Educational Tours

Educational tours are conducted by trained personnel.  These tours are available to school classes, tour groups, college classes, tourists, industry groups, the general public and others interested in the history, technology and/or operations of the offshore oil and gas industry.  These tours are part of the mission of both the Rig Museum and the Training Institute; "to gather, save & interpret artifacts and information about the oilfield, and to educate the general public and the next generation of industry workers of the significance of this offshore phenomenon".  Tours are currently by appointment only and are planned for each group depending on level and special interest.

Formal In-House Instruction & Classes

Formal in-house instruction and classes are part of an on-going program of the institute.  Employers, working with the institute, provide classes for specialized training of their own students on a wide range of topics.  These classes are usually sponsored by the company whose employees are being trained and range in length from one day to one week.  Instructors are provided by the company and only the training location, meals and bunkrooms are provided by the Institute.  Other classes conducted through the Institute are open to any company/employer or individual. (See "Orientation to Offshore")

Educational Agreements

Educational agreements with other learning institutions, such as the University of Southwestern Louisiana and others, give the Institute a unique opportunity.  Through these agreements we are able to provide a highly technical and highly professional level of education to the entire petroleum industry.  These relationships allow us to offer certifications, licenses and credentials in a wide variety of specialties.  These partnerships with educational institutions better serve the entire industry.

1.Through these associations other training professionals can educate and train students in an authentic work environment aboard "Mr. Charlie"; without the traditional expense, time and hardship of traveling offshore.

2.Training expenses are consolidated at one location, with multiple companies sharing in the overall costs associated with training.

Contracted Classes

Contracted classes are opportunities for training that are actually contracted with outside instructors or training companies to provide.  Occasionally, requests for training of a technical nature are received.  In these instances, contracted outside professionals instruct the classes.  This option is used for small independent companies that can not afford to hire full-time instructors.  It is used for highly specialized training of a technical nature, such as handling of hazardous material.  Using contracted classes, the institute is virtually unlimited in the types of classes that can be offered.      



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