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Visitor Center Opens

After several months of speculation and anticipation, the Rig Museum's Visitor Center on Front Street in Morgan City is OPEN. Located on the historic Atchafalaya waterfront, the center occupies one of the oldest buildings in the Historic District, the Goldman Building, circa 1910.

Visitors to the Front Street Area can now obtain travel information, literature, maps, hot coffee, and Southern Hospitality. Also while visiting the center, guests may purchase T-shirts, souvenirs and attraction tickets.

Several industry items are on display, as well as photos, historic documents and a billboard size mural depicting offshore life.

Opening the Visitor Center represents the beginning of Phase II expansion of the museum project. A major reason for the museum being located in Morgan City was to help the redevelopment of the old downtown. With the Rig Museum's ability to attract visitors to the area, and the appeal of being on the waterfront, it was a great mix for success.

The next step is to work toward raising money to restore the building facade and to continue to work for the Front Street extension across the railroad track to the museum site.


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